Revision Sawfly ir Bullet Ant Taktinių akinių dioptrijos.

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Revision akinių dioptrijos. (mažai dėvėtos)
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Revision akinių dioptrijos. (naujos)

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Revision Taktinių akinių dioptrijos. (Revision Sawfly and Bullet Ant Prescription Insert)
Tinka Revision Sawfly arba Revision Bullet Ant.
(Naujos arba mažai dėvėtos)

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Designed to fit the Sawfly® Spectacle, Bullet Ant® Tactical Goggle and Desert Locust® Goggle Systems, the Rx Carrier is an effective, efficient vision correction system that combines accurate vision with high impact ocular protection. Carrier frame built for strength and durability. Carrier frame and color allow for distraction-free vision and wide field-of- view.  Rx Carrier can be easily outfitted with prescription lenses by any licensed optician. Carrier holds polycarbonate, CR39 or other material lenses Carrier accommodates prescriptions up to +/-11. Secure "press fit" insertion ensures optimal placement of corrective lenses.

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