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Miegmaišis Carinthia Defence 4 - Žieminis

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Pavadinimą Kaina
Defence 4, dydis M (Mažai dėvėtas)
Kaina: 120,00 €
Defence 4, dydis M (Naujas)
Kaina: 149,00 €
Defence 4, dydis L (Naujas)
Kaina: 149,00 €
Defence 4, dydis L (Mažai dėvėtas)
Kaina: 120,00 €
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Žieminis Carinthia "Defence 4" miegmaišis.
Komfortas iki - 15 laipsnių. Ekstremalus iki - 35 laipsnių.
Svoris: M dydis 1,85 kg, L dydis 2 kg.
Būsena: Mažai dėvėti


Carinthia Defence 4 Sleeping Bag.
The DEFENCE 4 is the most popular and best-selling allround sleeping bag with excellent weight to stuff size and performance ratio. It is a well-established, 3 season sleeping bag that has proven to be 100% reliable on cold nights both in the wilderness and in snow caves.
A protection flap on the outer side of the zipper keeps out wind and wetness. The outer shell is a super-light, highly resistant, microfibre nylon with a fine microporous coating which makes it waterproof. There is a generous zipper baffle on the inside of the zipper to prevent heat loss at the zipper.

Size: 185 (Medium)
NSN: 8465-41-0000-1604
Length: 215 cm
Shoulder Width: 83 cm
Foot End Width: 57 cm
Weight: 1.850g
Pack Size: 23×38 cm

Size: 200 (Large)
NSN: 8465-41-0000-1606
Length: 230 cm
Shoulder Width: 87 cm
Foot End Width: 60 cm
Weight: 2.000g
Pack Size: 25×38 cm

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