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Kojinės vandeniui atsparios. Sealskinz GTX DUTY military issue waterproof.

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Kojinės Gore-Tex (dydis L)
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Kojinės Gore-Tex (dydis XL)
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Kojinės Gore-Tex (dydis M)
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Kojinės Gore-Tex (dydis S)
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Vandeniui atsparios ("Sealskinz" GTX DUTY military issue waterproof) kojinės.
Dydis: M (39-42)
Dydis: L (42-45)
Dydis: XL (45-48)
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Kojinės Gore-Tex ("Sealskinz" GTX DUTY military issue waterproof).
Apie produktą:
The Sealskinz Trekking Sock is a long waterproof sock designed for combat boots.
It has been specifically developed for hiking in more arduous conditions, the trekking sock has a padded loop piled layer of Merino wool around the toes, sole, heel and achilles area to give extra protection, comfort and support.
The extended length provides additional waterproofing around the top of a combat boot.
100% waterproof
Black with green band
Full calf length
Close fitting

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